Future is now

« Changing minds » de 16BIT ou la révolution des écrans en… 1987. Petit bijou ésthétique, le clip exprime la fascination pour les nouvelles images créées par l’outil informatique qui se répandent un peu partout dans ces années-là.

Le disque a été pris en photo devant l’ordinateur « Genius 4000 » trouvé par mon copain à la déchett’ la semaine dernière.

Read the instructions on your plasma screen
store your program an disc
And now you move with the cursor up and down
left and right.
Printing directly from the keyboard
change line fourty in your program
Insert a sheet of paper and let the system run.
Face the fact you're left in the dark
with the fantastic 8 megabyte computer.
Start by checking all the connections
and now turn on the power.
While holding the bold key
activating the ram expansion port
Insert your final program
and then yau press 'return'.

changing minds.

Read the instructions on your plasma screen
store your program on disc

changing minds

If you have detected an error
enter the following cammand
Poke eighthundredandfiftyeight
one and two
three and four.
Pressing the backspace indicator
touch one of the red function keys
Select the background colour
the wihte

the black
the green
the red.

changing minds

Count these pieces of information
don't be afraid
my friend
Learn to use this computer
don't try to lose control
If you don't follow these instructions
a five pound explosive charge
Will detonate in your face
and now turn ott the power!